Changing our way of life is an option that not everyone can achieve.
the first time I read about asgardia, I thought, is a fantasy blog?
will it be a blog that wants to cheat people?
is just a small group of people who wants their own change?

now they have more than a million Asgardians, in such a short time,
that anyone would be surprised.

When  we visualize our simple world, without emotions in a way where  extraordinary things never happen in our lives, we tend to think that  this type of international projects will never be created for someone as  ordinary as ourselves, and we will never be part of it. .
we  usually wait for something different to happen in our day, in order to  make a  significant change in our lives, when we have the opportunity  to do something incredible, we doubt, we fear, we believe that this  could never happen to us, and in some cases blame the fear and we never reach our dreams.

The real  motivation is found in the moment we understand that life is an  adventure, that every event we go through every day, is a life  experience that will be unique, and that you can share with the people  around you, and thereby create sensations, which is a  reflection of the happiness that you transmit when living your life as a  great event that you will never forget.

Observe the  changes in our world from the bench, sometimes helps us to understand  from a different perspective what is doing wrong, that even the most  expert ends up bypassing and leaving behind.

We all  have the right to be heard, to have our point of view observed and even  analyzed, even the simplest point and even the most obsolete point,  counts big!