Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 15:23 UTC

Re: 234 possible ET signals in the milkyway  

You do realise they might be long dead by now? Although the prospect of extraterrestrials is more than fascinating.

Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 01:11 UTC

obviously, you have not done any research

Oct 12, 17 / Oph 05, 01 10:18 UTC

An early emerging ET species, for a very brief period during its development, would communicate with each-other with  unencrypted, open "radio- type" of communication.Shortly after,during their evolution, their communication would be indistinguishable from background irradiation.Indistinguishable from  "galactic-noise".( As an Earthly example- consider recent tests carried out by Chinese Satellites  nutrino signal transducers.) Why humans are still looking for signals with conventional satellite dishes puzzles me.

Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 15:23 UTC

I think  that the search for signals with satellite dishes is a mere cover that  not even the radio astronomers who are working on it are aware of. And I think governments are aware of foreigners. There is a lot of information and also a lot of misinformation about this topic.
Personally I think that they have been here for a long time.

Excuse me if there is any spelling mistake, because I use a translator.