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Re: Designing air regeneration system  

@AnkudinovIV - Hi mate, perhaps I can help with the LED's. I have access to suppliers of LED's in china.  If you send me the specifications of the LED's you are seeking I can ask the suppliers for you.

please send them to my public email address [Email Address removed by Admin]

[The above email address is a public address and is posted here for the benefit of an Asgardian citizen in an effort to help him forward his research in a project which is in full alignment with the published ideals, goals, desires, format and projects of the Asgardian Administration. That administration does NOT include the moderators of this website. Unless my posts are abusive, anti-Asgardia or outside the published goals and projects of the Asgardian Administration, do not edit my posts without my permission please]


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Syafriza Bakri, August 17th 2017, 7:36 AM UTC

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Hello @bigred
I am afraid that we cannot share our personal contact on the forums. Please use other Asgardia Social Media outlets to connect with others. Thank you for your understanding.

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@bigred, Thank you for the desire to help! Here in the comments you can leave your email address. I hope this is allowed by strange forum rules?

 I'll send the specifications. The problem is that according to the specification the LED corresponds  (those that I encountered), but after checking on the spectrometer it  turned out that they are unsuitable for use in this system.
Do  you have the opportunity to check the LEDs on the spectrometer and send  by e-mail scans of spectra (indicating the wavelengths and the name of  the spectrometer)? If there is no such possibility, then how can I believe the words of the LED vendor? And send light-emitting diodes so I check them at myself ... it's unprofitable.
Now a little changed the project to start soon. To begin with, I use luminescent lamps for plants. Already checked - they contain in the spectrum all the necessary wavelengths. Badly  just in that case, you can not separately change the intensity of the  red and blue component of light and you will not be able to use the  pulse mode.

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May you be so kind to point me to the Code of Conduct's article where that's proibition is stated, please: I'm missing it.

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An email address, while considered permissible within the forum, is not promoted as a wise method to connect with others.

Thank you for your understanding, I am hopeful we can now return to the topic at hand: “Designing an air regeneration system"

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@Shane Watt
An email address, while considered permissible within the forum, is not promoted as a wise method to connect with others.

As far as I know English language, "not promoted" doesn't mean "censored" (as a matter of fact, and for your own ammission, it's "permissible"), am I wrong?
If I'm not wrong, @SyafrizaBakri committed an abuse under the terms of the Code of Conduct, as correctly stated by @petrv.
It seems that, day after day, Asgardia is showing its real face even more: censorship everywhere (mostly to visitors: I hope you won't engage in tourism using that behavior).

I am hopeful we can now have @bigred's post set back without the censorship, so to continue what was just a temptative of helping an asgardian, maybe destined to a failure thanks to you.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Hello @Elwe Thor

It is my sincere hope that it has been directly stated that which is the current understanding regarding the addition of an email within a post not withstanding any real or perceived error of judgement that may have occurred previously. While your concern is admirable may I kindly ask that we stay within the parameters of the topic at hand rather then diverge to a now unrelated discussion which might further undermine and disrupt the original conversation. If you wish to discuss this further you are welcome to contact the administration. 

Thank you. 


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Dirk, how do you imagine this (complete your message)?
My opinion:
1. it does not make sense. Light for the Chlorella suspension can perfectly flow through the transparent wall. To provide the Chlorella suspension with the same amount of light, you still need the same number of lighting devices. Light guides can not increase the amount of light.
2. excessive complexity. Why complicate the project? Light guides will also increase the cost of the project (they will  increase considerably, as additional fasteners, sealers, etc. will be  required) But I will be happy to demonstrate all this in practice if you  give me all the material (for your money, of course);))
3. You are well aware of what is Chlorella, what is photosynthesis, the general scheme of the device? Judging by your proposal, you do not understand anything ...
If  you need to explain something like this and write "explain to me ...  (further that specifically is not clear)" I'm happy to tell you that you  understand everything. But, in my opinion, your proposal will not work.

In any case, the simpler the device, the more reliable, the easier it will be to service it, the cheaper it will be.
Also, I want to think through the creation of similar systems in parallel with the main project. To make this technology available to everyone on Earth and free of charge. Similar to the Linux operating system. But so far only dreams))

Aug 18, 17 / Lib 06, 01 09:37 UTC

It is my understanding that most small scale attempts to pull off this kind of self enclosed eco system fail in the long run because the system is not large enough to self balance - Would a combination of this type of system and other systems not be required for a large sustained population?

Aug 18, 17 / Lib 06, 01 10:17 UTC

1. There is no sense in creating something if you do not believe in victory. I hope that sooner or later we (humanity) will succeed in creating such closed systems.
2.  The life support system (air regeneration + utilization of organic  waste + water treatment + food production) is actually very complex. It will be very difficult to create such a system and one person will not get it (even if he is a genius). This requires the joint efforts (knowledge, skills) of many professionals.
3. An artificial life support system will require constant monitoring. Without such control and timely and correct correction, the system will quickly cease to function and die.
4.  To improve the stability of the system, it will be necessary to create  various versions of such systems (prototypes) and their detailed study,  experiments. The more such prototypes there are, the cheaper will be their design  (or the design of system components, for example, the one that I  create), the more laboratories will be able to afford the study of such  systems.
5. The air regeneration system is one of the tiny stages to achieve this goal. My modest contribution to the common cause. Perhaps  someone will want to implement such a project in a different way or  implement another element of the life support system.

Aug 19, 17 / Lib 07, 01 02:13 UTC

@Petrv, if you wish to discuss this further you are welcome to contact the administration, and @Bigred may  repost his email if he sees fit as I mentioned previously. I would kindly ask that you might now return to the topic at hand which is designing a air regeneration system. Thank you so much.

Aug 19, 17 / Lib 07, 01 08:15 UTC

@Petrv, @bigred, @Imam idris

Thank you for your interest in the project.
While the main efforts are aimed at creating a working prototype for air regeneration. In the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide will be absorbed and oxygen will be released. Performance of the installation in advance I can not say. This will require experiments with the operating device. It  will be necessary to check the influence of the following parameters:  the composition of the nutrient medium, the optimal temperature of the  medium (and the optimal technical methods for maintaining it), the rate  of air intake into the medium (taking into account the amount of carbon  dioxide in the air), the lighting parameters (total illumination,  spectral composition of light, : Pulse or constant), selection of the most effective strains of Chlorella, suspension density. In addition, the design of the installation will be optimized to simplify maintenance, reduce the cost of the structure. As you can see, even after the creation of the prototype work is very much ...
The next step I want to try is to create plants for growing plants by  aeropony (growing in a substrate involves delivering a large amount of  substrate to space (gravel, soil, sand and so on, hydroponics involves  the use of large volumes of water).
The goal is to get the maximum yield with minimal use of the room volume. There,  too, will have to study the influence of a number of parameters: the  selection of cultivars for cultivation, the optimization of lighting  (height, total illumination, spectral composition of light) and the  composition of the nutrient solution, depending on the period of  vegetation, the temperature of the roots and the upper part of the  plant, the nutrient solution consumption, depending on the culture and Period of vegetation). Aeroponics has been used for a long time (dozens of years). The choice of crops for cultivation will be based on the degree of use of culture in human activities (food, feed). But this is only in the plans.
On  the purification of biological waste and the regeneration of water is  not enough information to understand how it is possible to realize. Too many questions for which I do not yet have an answer.

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Thank you! With interest I will read the article.
In Russia and China (AliExpress) now also sell similar Nutrikulture systems. I looked at the prices of such installations. But in my opinion we can collect a cheaper option.

Aug 21, 17 / Lib 09, 01 00:33 UTC

@SyafrizaBakri - what in the world are you doing editing my post and removing a PUBLIC email address?

And @shaneWatt why are you involved in the discussion, it is none of your business?

The whole point of a community is for people to get together and BE a community.  I believe you will find that it was Lena who encouraged people to contact each other outside of the on-line forums.  This cannot be done if you actively stop people from posting ways to communicate with each other.

Please do not start trying to quote me nonsense about privacy laws or statements. I personally posted my public address to ensure that a member of the community was helped towards something he is trying to do to forward the ideals and projects within Asgardia. That makes it my responsibility not yours.

You are misguided in your thinking and incorrect in your actions, which are against my personal private wishes.  Your actions prompt me to go as far as to say I believe you have very little experience and very little knowledge of the real world, any countries privacy laws or the real reasons why forums such as this are necessary in a project like Asgardia. I applaud the enthusiasm and desire of the volunteers and the ability to give up their time to help. However you are not the administration of Asgardia and you are not helping when you stop people from being involved in a community externally from this forum.  This forum is not the correct media for discussion of the level of detail necessary for something like @ankudinovIV is trying to expedite - off forum is the only way to get to that level of detail. This forum is only one area where things of Asgardia can be discussed.

You are imposing yourselves as a "doorman" to block such interaction. Why you would even want to do that is beyond me, although it usually points to an over-inflated self-view of a person's own importance. You are moderators of language, abusiveness and keeping people on topic so the forums don't devolve into useless trivia. your "position" involves nothing more than that. I would implore you to stop putting yourselves forward as arbiters of what is good for Asgardia and what is not. Those things are not your decisions to make. Your actions and answers made without knowledge are more damaging to the image of Asgardia than you understand.  If Ashardia is to be taken seriously then it must put forward a coherent, knowledgeable, legal, sensible, unemotional position and image. It cannot be seen to be a bunch of un-knowledgeable crackpots who's public face is run by people who see themselves up as arbiters of right and wrong - especially if they act and speak without knowledge.

I am putting the email address back on my post with full understanding of what I am doing. There is nothing illegal or anti-asgardia about my posts and you are NOT in a position to edit them unless they are abusive.  Please do not edit my posts without my permission again.

If you wish to take this up personally with me (which is the correct way rather than publicly on this forum) then you can contact me on the email address I posted here.

Aug 22, 17 / Lib 10, 01 09:59 UTC

@Jason Rainbow (and all administration)

I have been watching for several days how the forum administration is struggling with attempts of people to help my project. (There was no question about the sale, there was a talk about the specification, there were no ads, no links to the shops.)
By removing contact information of users who wish to help the project, you deliberately slow down its implementation.
From here I can conclude: such projects are not needed for Asgadia.