Feb 18, 18 / Pis 21, 02 13:58 UTC

How to start? or Where to start?  

Well, I've read some of the topics here about the ideas on biosystems, air regeneration, water regeneration, protein production and more...

To be truthful those are indeed good ideas, but instead of starting from zero I believe we should make arrangements with the top companies in each catergory.

For example, air regeneration we should take studies and maybe even copy the system that NASA and other space agencies use nowadays and start improving from there. Would be pointless to design something new since they may have a higher technology. Our Science Minister should be arrange some sort of colaboration deal between those companies and us.

I'm willing to work on such projects but we are very disorganized here and this may be very detrimental to our progression. I believe we should start working on projects that we as humans have on the state of the art technology. I can design several self sustaining, life cycle system, for food production, air regeneration and much more but that would be an amateur's job compared to the state of art technology that Earth have at the moment. We should be seeking alliances so we can indeed progress as our human counterparts progress, this will not only benefit us but will benefit them. If I win the elections I will put my full efforts to make this happen, this is not something trivial we will lend manpower(brainpower) for those companies to develop their technology in return for credit and ownership so we can also use them.

I believe this section of the Forum (Bio Science) in particular should be divided into more categories.

I have knowledge on the biofuels industry, more specifically how to make biofuel through microalgaes. How to mass produce, extract, separate and purify. I am very willing to develop this technology for Asgardia (I am a biotechnology and bioprocess engineer).

Please, share your thoughts.

For Asgardia.

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Feb 28, 18 / Ari 03, 02 05:47 UTC

Where and how to start are something I've pondered also. We are a fledgling nation now, and once the elections are over and the governing bodies are taking form more will be made clear by the elected candidates. At first it will be up to the various ministries what will be focused on at first at a governmental level. What will the Ministry of Science and the Biological department start with? We will see I guess. At first there will certainly be a vast number of collaborations needed with already established institutions, until Asgardian governmental research institutions get going.

But I agree with you that there are some areas that are more important at first, some areas that will lay the ground work for a future in space. Biofuels certainly is one. Growing plants in space environments at all is important, and a topic close to my interests as an aspiring plant geneticist (currently doing a master's disseration on how to biofortify certain agricultural plants). Biofuels, biofortification of plants, growing plants in space and things like that are definitely worthy subsections at this point.

Mar 1, 18 / Ari 04, 02 08:34 UTC

where to start is simple the way i see it funding is where we need to start. with out money this dream goes nowhere. however you both are right why reinvent  the wheel. 

Mar 3, 18 / Ari 06, 02 04:44 UTC

id love to do something like this, and if something comes about where we have to do something like this. . . sign me up! Also willing to talk about my ideas for these.