Jun 11, 18 / Can 22, 02 22:35 UTC

Re:Introduce Yourself  

Hello my name is Peter and i have a degree in chemistry. Worked in research for biodegradable plastic.

I am involved in water purification and disinfection. Have discover a cure for the panama disease in banana plants but like always , who am i against big corporations.

My specialty is Hydrogen peroxide. Like to solve problems in many fields as possible. Never to old to learn.

Nice to meet you all.



Jul 7, 18 / Leo 20, 02 05:46 UTC

My name's Adam, with a nickname of Zor.

No relevant degrees due to poor circumstances and poor decisions on my part a few years back. I was going for a degree in biology at the time though, eventually specializing in microbiology and/or genetics. If I go back, I'll probably continue down that path even if my career goals aren't as related anymore.

That said, science has always been my bread and butter, with biology being the most interesting to me. Biology and chemistry are at least hobby sciences to me for now... engineering on the other hand I struggle with.

Jul 10, 18 / Leo 23, 02 07:16 UTC

Jero here.

No relevant degrees I guess :) Bachelor Nurse, went into medical imaging, and all informatics that are related to that. Turned to instructional design within my career to teach others the things I learned :) 

Was just telling a friend I regret not following my childhood dreams: becoming a biologist,... Awesome people here, glad I read this thread of introductions.

Aug 3, 18 / Vir 19, 02 00:44 UTC

Hi, I'm Christine and I have degrees in business, psychology of neuroscience, biology of neuroscience, and am finishing my PhD in biomolecular neuroscience that includes radiation-induced stress.  My lab works in collaboration with SNOLAB, the underground physics laboratory and is setting up with NASA.  Would love to get some of my experiments into space!