Nov 24, 17 / Sag 20, 01 21:18 UTC

The Ethical limitations of human testing  

What are the ethical limitations of human testing in Asgardia?
If there are no defined limits, then what do we define them as?
Do we define the limits to where the subject of an experiment no longer wishes to pursue the end goal or do we draw the line at bodily harm or irreversible damage?
I bring this up as there is so much we do not know about the human body, the human mind and how humans interact with their environment. Unfortunately there are laws and such in countries that prevent experimentation into certain fields that could prove greatly beneficial to humanity. Currently in the US, (I am not a resident of the US), and in other countries, human cloning is illegal, imagine just how far we could develop human cloning and genetic engineering. As it is there is a massive outcry over GMO's, (Genetically Modified Organisms), To what extent do we research before it becomes unethical where it might also be massively beneficial?

Aug 8, 18 / Vir 24, 02 14:12 UTC

I think there should be limitations however, as long as the human being experimented on can live without much difficulty in their lifetime and is agreeable to the experiment, they should be allowed to.