Jul 7, 17 / Leo 20, 01 22:35 UTC

Can't find list of candidates  

the only list shown on  main is only in my area I should be able to see all candidates world wide not just four in my area also how can others see whos running if they can't see who is I have friends in other parts of the world and they can't find my candidate page unless I send them the link  this is appalling to have a election run this way  It's not fair to the citizens of Asgardia unless the whole wasn't to well thought out  I'd like a replie back at   at my EM  rickysickles@yahoo.com

Jul 8, 17 / Leo 21, 01 11:07 UTC

I apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing. You can find a list of candidates as well as information on how the process works here https://asgardia.space/en/nomination/. This is under he parliament tab on the main page. According to the different levels, debutante, level only allows votes from the local area. Only candidates from other levels would be able to have votes from other areas. Also, please make sure your search criteria is not limiting the results of the list you are viewing. If you continue to have difficulties, please email our IT team at support@asgardia.space and someone can help you with that. Make sure to include your login ID, your registered email, and a description of the problem you are having. 

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