Jul 8, 17 / Leo 21, 01 03:28 UTC

Can't upload any file, pic, on my blog.  

Hi asgardians. I'm trying to upload an image on my blog, but it gives me an error. I've tried with .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and even other files like doc, pdf, txt. etc.

Is there any bug on the upload for blogs? Or am I doing it wrong?

Thanks for your support!

Jul 8, 17 / Leo 21, 01 08:45 UTC

Hi sergioivanromero! If the problem persist even with the size scaled, send a mail to support@asgardia.space with  your ID and the problem encountered, including steps needed to find it, the time it arose and eventually screenshots

Jul 9, 17 / Leo 22, 01 03:55 UTC

Thanks for the answer and suggestion. I'll let you know if it works under that resolution and size.