Cap 19, 00 / Dec 20, 16 22:15 UTC

Certificate seems wrong on computer and not synchronous  

I can only create a new topic on my phone. On my computer I can't create a new topic and there's nothing in "my application" (at the mean time I can see my ID and other things I filled in on my phone). Maybe the reason why it's not synchronous was I submit the application on my phone.

Cap 19, 00 / Dec 20, 16 22:34 UTC

Did you logged out and in ?

Cap 20, 00 / Dec 21, 16 00:27 UTC


If you see an error message stating that the security certificate isn't updated, please consider temporary disabling your antivirus, especially if you're using Avast. Avast is a very intrusive software and it is known to cause issues with security certificates. If the problem persists, please try to temporarily switch to another browser and see if you encounter the same problem.

As already suggested, try to log out and log in again. Whether you sent your application from your phone or your computer doesn't matter. You can only have one account and it can be accessed by whatever device you choose.