Jul 6, 18 / Leo 19, 02 19:18 UTC

Re:forum bugs: notifications  

Same Problem here... 

Using Firefox Quantum V.61.0 64-Bit.

Jul 24, 18 / Vir 09, 02 04:06 UTC


I locate problematic css:

.community-notification__wrapper-list {
    overflow-y: hidden;

Removing 'overflow-y' "fix" this behaviour

Aug 16, 18 / Lib 04, 02 17:57 UTC

If you are facing the same issue, again and again, report it to the Firefox Support ( https://firefoxsupport.com/ ) team. They will help to solve your issue. I was also facing this kind of issue one time, then they helped me with a solution and the issue was fixed.

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Aug 17, 18 / Lib 05, 02 08:03 UTC

I've noticed that there are quite a few major bugs in this website (the chat widget, the friend request system etc.). It seems very strange to me that a community with the high technological aspirations of Asgardia (to which I totally adhere, btw) should have such an unreliable tech product as its' core platform for communication and information. Is this just a hobby project of an CS student ?? Because, frankly even a free wix (just one example) website is more robust than this one... I don't mean to offend, my intention is to motivate the admins / devs to transform this fragile and buggy amateurish looking platform into a product above and beyond anything from the web at this date (the ones that want to conquer space should first proove to be the best down here). I hope I haven't offended anyone.