Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 13:45 UTC

Global search option malfunction  

Hi, Rebekah and the team!

I have an issue with Global search feature. It's working for normal pages, however, it does not work if I'm trying to search smth in forum's context.

How to reproduce:

> Type keyword with/without Enter

> No dropdown list with the results

Thank you in advance for help and assistance.



Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 22:37 UTC

I can also verify that this is happening. In order for this work, I have to navigate to anywhere else but the forum and then the global search will work. This happens on the following combinations of systems: 

Windows 10 + Firefox

Ubuntu 18.04 + Chromium


Nov 30, 18 / Sag 26, 02 08:27 UTC

Hi AlexPhBg and MistyWrites,

I send this bug to our IT department.

Thank you.