Leo 01, 01 / Jun 18, 17 08:02 UTC

I can't upload my profile picture  

Hello! I can't load the profile picture, help me. I've also worn Opera, Chrome and Firefox

Leo 01, 01 / Jun 18, 17 10:30 UTC

Yes we must apologise, there is a bug currently that effecting the uploading system. The IT team has been made aware of it and is currently working to resolve it.
Thank you for letting us know that the issue is still present

Leo 01, 01 / Jun 18, 17 14:33 UTC

Me too....

I can't update my profile~~

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Leo 02, 01 / Jun 19, 17 00:16 UTC

If you select a file, then save, it will upload correctly.  The problem is that the preview DOES NOT update on file selection, causing it to appear to do nothing.  Tested.  Severity 7 (confidence impact in project).

Leo 03, 01 / Jun 20, 17 06:45 UTC

I can't upload my profile picture either. When I go to upload it, I don't get an error. It just stays blank.

Leo 03, 01 / Jun 20, 17 06:57 UTC

I found out one issue. Make sure the picture you are trying to upload is the correct format, and size. My profile picture was originally way to large, and wouldn't process. I shrunk the size of the photo, and it's working fine.

Leo 04, 01 / Jun 21, 17 06:59 UTC

I'm having the same issue. Also, the system is no taking any of my personal info. Is here any way to solve this?

Leo 04, 01 / Jun 21, 17 10:26 UTC

I have same problem. Which format and size must be the image?

Leo 04, 01 / Jun 21, 17 16:14 UTC


I am having trouble uploading my profile picture from an Android phone - Gallery.  The picture posted to my blog just fine. Could you please look into this for me? Thank you.

~ Tal

Leo 07, 01 / Jun 24, 17 09:45 UTC

I cannot update my profile either. When I submit I will get blank page and get nothing updated.

This cause me could not finish the procedure of joining Asgardia and cannot vote.

And I don't know how to post a new topic. I only can reply and don't know why.

Please help, thanks.

Leo 11, 01 / Jun 28, 17 04:04 UTC

I am having the same problem. Thanks for trying to get it fixed!!

Vir 10, 01 / Jul 25, 17 01:14 UTC

I have same problem