Oph 11, 01 / Oct 18, 17 20:52 UTC

Kicked out of the Golden 1,01,500 for some reason  

I was among the first 200 (around 181-182) to accept the constitution when the voting was opened back in June. This would, no doubt, enable me to be a part of the Golden Hundred Thousand. 

However, when I opened the constitution page a few weeks ago, I was made to re-accept the constitution, upon which my number fell from somewhere in the 180s to 105365, thus putting me well out of the Golden Hundred Thousand.

I understand that this tag of the "Golden Hundred Thousand" is more than just symbolism, as the first 1,00,000 citizens would evidently be an important part of the foundation of our space nation. Hence, it is requested that the concerned authorities look into the matter.

Oph 12, 01 / Oct 19, 17 03:58 UTC

Hi @Utkarsh 

please contact the website support team regarding this directly via: support@asgardia.space . Please provide them with your account details and as much information as possible regarding this issue (such as the email you in which you originally registered) to aid the team in finding and correcting the issue for you. 

Oph 15, 01 / Oct 22, 17 11:57 UTC

@Shane, thanks, contacted Asgardia Support, query forwarded to the devs.