Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 12:31 UTC

Language problem  

I am a Chinese. English is the most widely spoken language in the world now, so I'd write in English. Our citizens are spread all over the world, and the language and culture are different. Can our country unify the language? Do we use English as our mother tongue? There is an old saying in China that language and culture are the foundation of a nation or a nation. In addition to the language and culture of our mother countries, we should also have a ASGARDIA language and culture.

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 17:15 UTC

From the FAQs:

18. What will be the official language(s) of Asgardia?
The working language of Asgardia is English. Asgardia’s official languages are 12 languages chosen by Asgardian citizens as the most commonly used languages of communications. Asgardia guarantees equality of the official languages.

It looks like Asgardia will aim to be a multi-lingual nation. I don't know what the 12 official languages are or if they have been chosen yet, but it will probably be the languages that are most commonly used around the world (Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.).

Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 05:15 UTC

Я предлагаю всем странам перейти на давно принятое общение на самом богатом в словарном отношении русском языке.Как дополнительный,использовать английский.Структура английского языка тяжела в конструировании мысли,и только русский язык даёт возможность чётко выразить свою мысль.Рано,или поздно,весь мир перейдёт на русский язык,-это неизбежно.Жители Асгардии могут ускорить этот процесс,внедряя русский язык повсеместно!

Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 05:20 UTC

This is problem.Chrom translated my English post on Russian language automatically…Есть проблема.При попытке написать пост на английском Хром автоматически переводит написанное на русский язык?!..Без моего участия...:)

Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 06:02 UTC

If language is not unified, communication is very difficult... have to use translation tools. In most cases, words translated is not accurate in translation tools, can't correctly know other people's thought. Maybe should increase the automatic translation function on this website, and translate into the self-mastery language according to the needs of the receiver.

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