Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 14:45 UTC

No Forum Search function  

This forum is desperately missing a search function. It should be able to filter the search for the sub-forum the user is currently viewing. Also, there should be a global search for all post content and users.

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 15:19 UTC


This is something we've been working on, however we are coding in a search bar that will take multi language input. The one built into the forum itself does not allow this.

Kind regards,

Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 16:33 UTC

l18n and l10n ship with django as default, searching for individual terms is not language agnostic - how long does it take to implement default functionality?

Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 16:46 UTC

As the de facto asgardia's language is english (with the hope the de facto situation won't silently switch to an official situation in the future), may the IT Team release the (default) search into (unofficial) english at least?


Apr 14, 17 / Tau 20, 01 11:22 UTC

Found the Asgardian IT Policy : https://xkcd.com/1822/

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Apr 14, 17 / Tau 20, 01 13:47 UTC

Don't ask, so that they won't need to lie you.
IT's (and the whole Asgardia's) roadmap is covered by TOP SECRET.

As I'm getting tired, asking, of not receiving any answer other than "we thank you of pointing out that... blablabla... yaddayadda", so I'm auto-downgrading myself at the "user" level, bannable without notice, no need to answer me as I'm "just boring", etc. etc.

They'll (probably) lose any support, affection, effort to make things better but, as they demonstrated, banning the two citizens (ooops... "users") who was giving the most interesting inputs, it's obvious this is not the wanted behavior.

Apr 17, 17 / Tau 23, 01 21:04 UTC

This, and the new american's policy to stop journalist (against to Trump) to speak.
But it seems a worldwide trend, to me: here in Italy we're having some kind of that too. Instead to stop journalists, the party who strives to lead government is using "information overhelming" (in other terms "hoax") as they're filling the net with fake news so people don't have any reference on what things to believe or not. They're driving us crazy.
This trend is so serious that Germany is planning heavy fines, against who is spreading hoaxes over the net.
Asgardia is doing a "mixed policy": making the most interesting things to work behind the scenes, while publicizing here what @nihylum de called "sugar".

About ANN, I'm not a journalist, and I've nothing so exact to write an article on: my only assumption, about what happened was, IF we are citizens, that some rights have been broken. I tried to make evident we are citizens (and not users) but, while acting exactly as we are users (see Code of Conduct), no one stated we are not citizens (as they had to disregard Dr. Ashurbeyli's words doing that). So all is left into some kind of "third state", not true nor false.
I think, at this point, many of us are "at the window", looking forward to see what will go on with Constitution, Declaration of Unity, government, ministries, Parliament, and so on... all into a couple of months.

Apr 18, 17 / Tau 24, 01 15:23 UTC

Well @Jason Rainbow, I can't say you're wrong, and I had the feeling ours may be considered off-topic (as you promptly did).
In my humble opinion, which is the self-excuse under which I wrote my "OT" post, it may be considered "side comment", not really part of the main thread (so that it can be completely ignored).
Anyway, following your gentle advice, I'll refuse to continue on that way, here.
If you'll take this like (another) side comment, I may ensure you I did what you kindly suggested, maybe in the correct thread and with greater amount of details, even if it didn't worth the effort, looking from now.

Anyway, thank you very much for your invaluable, even when ironical, support.

your nice method to create links is working less than 10% of the times. I know it's even OT telling you here but I'm unsure it worths to open a thread to say that.

Apr 19, 17 / Tau 25, 01 14:09 UTC

OT warning: don't read the following sentences if you're OT-sensible: it may cause drowsiness, stomach acidity and, in some cases, light hypersensitivity have been observed.

How can you be "serious" with an IT Team which, after asking them "we need a search feature (back)", stripped off the whole features there was?
(well... less OT than I initially thought ;-))

(@Jason: yes, this is exactly the "useless post" the Forum Posting Rules forbidden... thanks Godness we're now having a Code of Conduct where I didn't find any reference of that. Please note that, respecting both your work and the CoC(k), I'm writing in "English as Official Language", using "Polite Language" too, as it seems we've no other way than to use... irony)

FUD (that's appropriate Captcha ever!) :-D

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Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 13:33 UTC

@Jason Rainbow
  I'm obviously not saying it's trivial, to make Search back on tracks, after having modified the current framework's databases as, if it was, we probably had that feature back since many time.
  I don't like to be too much finicky but, as @nihylum de and @EyeR showed, a Search feature was present in the original framework (they also, 'cause of their "limited access", had not be able to make it working, by the way) so, you can be "formally correct" stating "There has never been a search function on this forum since it went live in December", flying over the other features which have been removed (HTML digested text editing ones, links, paragraph blocks etc. etc.: you can see here a couple of examples), which is OT to mention here, but which have their own threads too.

  Thanks also to have pointed me to the right threads about CoC, I'll partecipate for sure.
  By the way, as you're a so accurate person, how you judge the presence, into a regional language chapter, of a post written in a "foreign" non-regional language and without providing the related (regionalised) translation? I mean: am I free to enter, just to say, russian regional chapter, posting in italian without at least trying to use some translator to provide regional text? (this is still OT, here, but following your previous post: I'll take that as reference when I'll post into CoC's thread so to avoid creating a whole new thread).

maybe you failed to notice this post, FYI.

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