Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 15:53 UTC

Only get 100kb for Satellite upload  

My Fellow Asgardians,

As stated on the website:

"The first 100,000 Asgardian citizens can send 500KB each to Asgardia-1. All Asgardians who were not in the first 100,000, but became citizens before the Hong Kong conference on 13 June 2017, can send up to 200KB once they’ve accepted the Constitution."

I was a citizen before 13th June and I accepted the constitution but still I only get to upload 100kb. Can anybody assist in this matter. 


Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 09:19 UTC


Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 22:03 UTC

Aand same problem here. Only 100kb upload, even i registered way ago and voted for constitution amongst the 1000 first.

Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 08:53 UTC

I have the same (or very similar issue), I was one of the first 100,000 It shows me that I have 500kb to upload, but when I click upload file it drops down to 100kb. I tried on a second device and it showed 200kb, when refreshing the page on that device it went down to 198kb.

Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 18:00 UTC


Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 19:26 UTC