Jan 8, 17 18:26 UTC

Options menu doesn't work for "Post a reply"  

Why Options menu doesn't work when I try "Post a reply"? That's only my problem (I use firefox browser and I deactivate Adblock and NoScript tools on this website)?

Jan 8, 17 20:13 UTC

I have reported your problem to the administration.

Jan 11, 17 03:49 UTC

There is no Options Menu, just a Options frame usually containing moderator "options" ( which should be empty for the regular Asgardian ).

Jan 11, 17 17:07 UTC

Thanks nihylum. I suppose that if there written "Options", there must be something (like text format tools or something like that).

Jan 11, 17 18:10 UTC

From my point of view, frames that do not contain anything shouldn't be visible at all.

Apr 7, 01 / Apr 1, 17 14:41 UTC

Options menu still doesn't work... I'm on (redacted) with Chrome 57.

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