Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 12:23 UTC

SSO asgardia.space & asgardia.com  

Are asgardia.space & asgardia.com not use SSO method? Because if I login at asgardia.com, I am not automatic  login at asgardia.space. Or that's just me?

Better open asgarida.com or asgarida.space? Make me confusing 😢

Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 15:03 UTC

Hi @waluhyo, I've reached out to our admin teams to get a little more clarity to ask if 'Single-sign on' is configured. I know that currently, if you have your login password saved for either site, then it should log you into linking across the sites. This is on your password/browser configuration, though. If you don't have passwords saved, (better security, but I respect saving), at currently, it is not setup.

I'll post more information once I have gotten word back. I hope that helps.