Cap 28, 00 / Dec 29, 16 20:56 UTC

Unable to Delete Topics  

In Turkish forums there are some double topics and being a chapter mod, I should be able to delete one of them, but I can't. It just turns back to the same topic after choosing the delete topic option.

Cap 29, 00 / Dec 30, 16 08:59 UTC

I have alerted the administration. They have suggested that the technicians may be working on the site as they are also experiencing problems. I was asked to inform you to give it time, and if the problem continues, to contact the chapter lead, or contact Mod Supervisor Alex. If you have any questions or need further assistance let us know.

Pis 14, 01 / Feb 11, 17 20:42 UTC

If you edit the post itself - thread if possible - to indicate you'd like it removing it may help them locate it, specifically the moderator charged with the section the post resides in.

Pis 17, 01 / Feb 14, 17 03:50 UTC


I had a similar problem with double posting (it was a post not a topic ) I edited it and it was deleted. In the future , if it happens again simply edit it and state that you want it to be deleted and a member of the Asgardian staff would do if for you.

Where I found it out to get the double post deleted

And my enquiry to double posting-

I hope these links will help you or anybody if it happens again.