Aug 22, 17 / Lib 10, 01 14:28 UTC

Unable to upload to satellite  

Yesterday morning one of my files for satellite was deleted by my request - it was wrong file. In the evening I tried to upload new one but I can't. It is 198kb JPG photo. 

I am logged in, site says I have 200kb but when I try to upload my file it takes me back to

Doesn't say that anything is wrong with file like size or format. Just takes me back to that page. I don't know what to do and there is very little time left. :c

Aug 23, 17 / Lib 11, 01 18:36 UTC

Turns out the 198kb file on Windows would be 202kb on MAC and for some reason that was confusing for the site. It was enough to make it just a tiny bit smaller. 

Problem solved!