May 31, 17 / Can 11, 01 10:48 UTC

Who deals with uploading and editing content on this site?  

For privacy reasons I was never able to upload my video for a video contest. As I am not permitted to change my name. They said they would deal with the name issue later...which I'm happy about. So I was told would happily forward my video. Which they did. The contest now ended and my video still never got uploaded. I am still waiting.  Who would have the forwarded the email to do the actual uploading? The contest is closed and I am afraid it is too late. I am rather upset as it is my birthday and too. Does anyone know who does the uploading of videos? Can something at all be done? I put a lot of work into my video. 

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May 31, 17 / Can 11, 01 11:31 UTC

Hi Ana Ophelia, The videos for the contest are not being uploaded to this site. They are being uploaded to our YouTube channel at You can check to see if your video was uploaded there. If not, contact the email address again for an updated on the status of your video. Please let us know if your video has made it or not.

May 31, 17 / Can 11, 01 16:18 UTC

Thank you. I have already contacted them. Unfortunately there has been no sign that it has been uploaded. Should I upload the video on my youtube account and send a link to it? So they can upload it? It all depends on being able to get to the person in charge of uploading content on the youtube channel. I have sent them a message but rarely do people see or read messages in their youtube inbox. As there may even be a high influx of messages. So, hard to tell. Citizens contact forwarded my video about a day ago. I received another email saying that they are working on it. As I said to them earlier my video still has yet not been uploaded. It seem entirely dependant on the uploader and if they got the email attachment from citizens now.

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May 31, 17 / Can 11, 01 18:04 UTC

I thought that might be the case. My concern is if they check their email/youtube or not. Since uploading originally through Asgardia seemed more direct and the time zones could be off as you said. I do really hope I have a chance before they start voting.

Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 05:17 UTC

Unfortunately I have waited for a day and a half and it seems the uploader isn't aware. :( So I may have missed my chance. I should have posted using my legal name but that would have probably have been a bad idea anyway. Is it okay I post my video? At this point there is no competition but I feel like I put my sweat and blood into it it and at this point i'd like even one person to see it.  Can I post it here or somewhere else? (can remove if need be)


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Jun 1, 17 / Can 12, 01 13:08 UTC

Hi Ana Ophelia, please keep this post as is. I have forwarded this information to the administration for review. Hopefully they will have the issue resolved soon. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Jun 2, 17 / Can 13, 01 14:38 UTC

Hi Ana-Ophelia!

Please email letting them know you're having issues uploading your video. They will do troubleshooting with you and help you get your video submitted. 


Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs
NGO Asgardia