Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 19:18 UTC

Re: Asgardia Citizen Package.  

Yes indeed folks - Let's keep this discussion going so we can have a heads up when people will actually want to gain their "goodies." Adding to the store is the perfect idea. What better place to put it. But only if it's an official asgardian licensed entity - as the increases need to go to Asgardia. That's what it's for.

Great ideas and comments.

Keep 'em coming.

Feb 4, 17 / Pis 07, 01 14:25 UTC

Just another note on here to maintain the thread's freshness. :-). I have had to tend to a few other things and have a trip coming up in a week that will take me incognito for a couple weeks. Very limited Internet in Cuba and on the high seas.

Keep this idea flowing. What types of Asgardia memento's would you like to see other than the citizenship package?

Feb 4, 17 / Pis 07, 01 15:14 UTC

I total like the idea

Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 16:49 UTC

this is a brilliant idea however i feel it would be necessary to state that and id card would cost somewhat more. if you're going with one that can be easily and cheaply replicated like many cheap library cards or some workplace id cards then i suppose that yes it would be withing the five dollar range. However; i feel that we would want one somewhat more secure much like a legal ID or drivers license that possibly contains a qr/bar-codes as well as specific markings and seals that may or may not be visible in regular light, or perhaps even a chip implanted that would eventually double as a way to access an individuals funds something like this would be ,possibly, closer to 40$.

I do love the merch idea though although i think that it should be slightly more diversified. of course it would be without saying that the paper certificate and id would be included. I will not be including the price ranges as the ID price would vary to widely depending upon how officials were to have them created. continuing with the idea of the op each consecutive tier would also include the previous packages, simply stating that here to save room. each one is arranged to the price range that the included items would fall under. (going off my experience here so forgive me if i'm not completely accurate here.)

Tier one- perhaps The ID, The Pin , and The Certificate.

Tier two- 2 Asgardian patches with insignia embroidered, the desktop flag( this has replaced the med sized one on this tier because flags are typically higher priced from what I've seen anyways, especially those of a new design.)

Tier three- 1 medium sized Asgardian flag, 1 Asgardian Cap Price

Tier four- USB, I asgardian flag graphic t-shirt

and so on down the line. what do you guys think?

Mar 20, 17 / Ari 23, 01 16:57 UTC

Actually, the card with RFID, printed above home standard, using UV and IR inks would come to about $5/card. You can buy the blanks for like $0.01 if you buy them in bulk, divide the cost of the printing over the run...

As to what I think, I think you want to carfully examine the firmware on that USB stick before you plug it into anything. I think if intending on raising money, placing it directly into the cause is the most efficient method, and if you want a cheap $2 shirt etc, you can buy them direct from the manufacturer for $2 and then print on them yourselves to the same standard.

Mar 31, 17 / Tau 06, 01 01:35 UTC

I also wonder why there's no internet shop or anything yet. Asgardia could raise tons of money through it (to fund everything to develop the whole concept). Maybe they are waiting to get the official flag, official logo, official salute and emblems etc. Usually, on a citizen card you have displayed the official logo/flag... so it bet that's why nothing NOTHING is buyable yet. I desperately need a citizen card, t-shirts, mugs, pins, pens, watch and tons of other things!!! I guess that i'm just over-excited about the whole Asgardia idea.

Usually an online certificate (1 or 2, + a card) cost between 15 and 25$, + delivery fees around 15$... so a citizen kit should cost between 30$ and 55$ (if compared to what else we can get online). It might be a lot of money for people who'd have to choose between that and to eat a meal... however it's how much such things cost in the real life (in Canada, to get a birth certificat cost 30$+, and a passport is nearly 130$... nothing is free when you want real papers), we can't expect president Ashurbeyli paying everything.

Soon we'll get official emblems, and there on i hope we'll get tons of things to buy online!! With Asgardian money? :)

Apr 3, 17 / Tau 09, 01 20:11 UTC

which is what i was trying to get to asariel. sure you can buy a simple plain blank id card box set with rfid chips in them anywhere from a nickle to 80 cents and on up but the issue is how secure they'd be as well as how official they would be as compared to other nations/states. but if you want one that is secure/encrypted and harder to replicate your looking at more than that. there would be the inks, the chips and programming for the chip plus the server where the rfid would store data, machines that would needed to read them at businesses or checkpoints. plus it is a registration to and proof of citizen ship to another country, that means a lot of paper work and security measure that would have to be met with it. in us, or at least the location im at currently a drivers license fee is nearly 40$, birth certificates are 50, and passports are nearly 180$. 

as for why the shop is limited i think that not only are they waiting on the flag and constitution at the moment but also possibly they lack ideas or think there isnt enough interest to be bothered with the matter at the moment. 

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 07:50 UTC

As you, i think that the present lack of flag, logo, coat of arms is the reason why there's almost nothing available to buy yet. Not to say that the "tree of life" thing and the "eye of Ra" aren't nice... personally i don't identify myself with these symbols, nor understand how they could be related to a space nation with a Norse name. I had a similar conversation on an other forum about "what kind of money we should have"... and the same reasons came over (present lack of flag/logo/coat of arms). Soon soon fellow citizens!!! Everything is still too new, everything is ment to be build, and we'll be the lucky ones who'll see our nation's foundations raising up! :D

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Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 19:24 UTC

I'd love to have Asgardia branded merchandise, but I must say the designs in the shop are very unattractive.  Maybe things will be better once there is an official flag, logo, etc.

Also, if you're going to have a shop, make it available on the main site, rather than just the Facebook page.

As far as ID cards, a machine to produce nice quality custom plastic cards is pretty inexpensive (I looked into this a few years ago to produce VIP cards for nightclubs).  It would pay for itself quickly, and might be less effort to get up and running than dealing with an outside vendor.