Dear Asgardians,

Just  want to share an article with you about the interesting Aurora Station  project carried out by the start-up Orion Span. It can be a source of  inspiration for us in many ways.

The project consists in  launching a "luxury hotel" on a modular space station in late 2021 and  to welcome first guests the following  year, with two crew members  accompanying each excursion. The platform will orbit 200 miles above  Earth, and will offer 12 days stays to its customers. The price will  start from €641,666 a night.

The company requires an $80,000 deposit, which is fully refundable, and began accepting payments on Thursday.

Here is a link to one of many articles about this project:

If  we want our dreams become reality, it is obvious that Asgardia will  have to be involved in a number of commercial projects in order to grow  capital and space-related experience. I'm imagining Asgardia as a leader  in "space hospitality", which would allow us to put a lot of efforts in  paralel on the research for bigger space habitats, and why not  artificial gravity stations.

More importantly, I believe we Asgardians don't want to be late in the new commercial race for space. But unfortunately we are already several trains late (just look at SpaceX who released today their first pictures of their future BFR that intends to send humans to Mars no later than on 2024). If we want to be serious about our projects, we have to seriously get a a move on. That is why I think Asgardia should be launching start-ups like this one sooner rather than later, otherwise the race will be lost forever.