Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 16:03 UTC

Re: Bitcoin  

Using Bitcoin is an interesting idea. This would work for Asgardians buying and selling towards other Asgardians, but how would this work with non-Asgardians, not everyone has a Bitcoin wallet?

Internal use, I think Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency would be awesome to use; external use, I think Bitcoin may offer headaches.

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 19:23 UTC

The beautiful thing about Bitcoin is that it is exchangeable for local currency at a very cheap rate. So take your bitcoin to a local exchanger or load up the debit card supplied by the exchanger you use and go to an ATM or a teller. Simple withdrawal. In most countries, this is where the taxable event comes into play. If you exchnged your bitcoin for more than you purchased it for in FIAT notes, capital gains taxes are owing on the difference.

Help any?

Jan 21, 17 / Aqu 21, 01 08:57 UTC

我认为接受比特币是不明智的,阿斯迦迪亚需要虚拟币,一定是自己建区块链,全民一起挖掘。至于使用什么方式开始这个区块链建立和挖掘工作可以商议。 (Baidu Machine Translation because I do not understand English, may not be able to correctly express, please forgive me)I think it is unwise to accept bitcoin, Asgah Dia need virtual currency, it is necessary to build their own block chain, together with the people digging. As to how to use this way to start this block chain building and mining work can be negotiated.

Jan 30, 17 / Pis 02, 01 02:41 UTC

I do love the concept of adopting the use of cryptocurrency as the main form of specific Asgardian currency.

There raises a few concerns. The concept of decentralization, which is easily the backbone of cryptocurrency. Pretty self explanatory concept. All info is not in one centralized and easily accessible spot. The concept of decentralized currency is also in direct relation to the unwillingness to allow a powerful entity(ies) overall control or regulation of said currency. Making it a user/consumer ran and controlled market. My issue is with nearly all current cryptocurrencies is that them being physically distributed on Earth means that they can in some way or another be "controlled" or "regulated" by governments. Nexus is the only cryptocurrency that I've currently been researching that has the "gambling boat concept" by removing the parts that can be regulated from any and all regulating bodies. Launch it into space. Use satellites to make it accessible. True decentralization. Just an example. Not paid by them or plugging them.

An Asgardian cryptocurrency being developed in secret somewhat spits in the face of the concept of Asgardian equality and cryptocurrency decentralization. Of course, it is very early for these types of things to be finalized, but I feel like with the amount of intelligent discussion and debate going on these are all issues to be easily overcame.

My biggest issue with bitcoin currently is with the development of quantum computers it will no longer be as secure as it once was and bitcoin has and is developing large "whales," or controllers of vast amounts of the currency, that can control a significant raise or drop in price due to their trading habits. Pump and dump. Cryptocurrency or trade folks probably understand what I'm getting at with these.

Though, the faucet idea is honestly a pretty amazing idea. The value made isn't a concern. It's free money. You can never complain about free money.

Feb 4, 17 / Pis 07, 01 19:25 UTC

Bitcoin was never really secure, as evidenced by the amount of fraud that happens with, the spending of coins they don't have etc and other things that have crippled some of the largest exchanges. For me, the concerning point is how easily every previous use of that coin, or parts therof, are tracable. Try doing that with the cash in my pocket.

Quantum computing isn't likely to make it any easier than it already is to reverse the ledger, things like ASICs being a lot cheaper to commonly deploy. Value is a serious concern, due to the advancments in ASICs in the field of coin generation and the scale in which they are deployed(entire datacenters strong) the power - billed at residential rates - required to generate a single coin - using residential hardware - will be less than the value of the coin. So if you'd like to make your energy supplier a lot of money doing very little, it's the perfect initiative to involve yourself with. You're only likely to make it practical by deploying custom mining rigs and then you'd ideally require to find a way to power them for free, or deploy them in superscale to see any "profit" anytime soon.

Jul 8, 17 / Leo 21, 01 17:54 UTC

Good I support this idea.

Jul 9, 17 / Leo 22, 01 17:50 UTC

Hello @Jason Rainbow

Maybe aim to hack a wallet is impossible. The encryption algorithm is great enough to defense.

But I know there is an algorithm to hack all block-chain coins but only random hack. And that is simple:

Think about the Probability of hack a wallet, let us sign as "P". So P nearly equal 0. So we can't hack with violence.

But after 10 ten years. There are too many accounts in the block-chain, let me sign as "A". So A is a large number, maybe 10 billion. 

define P0 = A x P, P0 is the successful probablity of the once violence  scan attack to the block-chain. And P0 maybe 0.0???01.

So I can generate a random key to hack them with lucy just use violence!

The algorithm is here:



1. generate(guess) a secret key of the address for collision

2. foreach scan the address in the block-chain

3. when an address is lucky to hack, save the secret to list and run continue.


Let me sign the time of running the while-circle once as T.

The Mathematical Expectation to hack one address is T/P0.

So this algorithm can hack a random address in T/Po second, probably there is no money in the wallet!

Maybe hack&collision a wallet with money need years. 

Please check the cost for hacking. I think the cost is more than reward.

So I don't scared.

Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 01:51 UTC

I don't really believe in this "the fastest cryptocurrency that doesn't use the blockchain technology". At thist point the blockchain has been the biggest invention in the latest 30 years, I would really like to know how is that some small X coders created "the fastest cryptocurrency" without that technology?.

Aug 9, 17 / Vir 25, 01 13:47 UTC

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Dec 5, 17 / Cap 03, 01 22:54 UTC

Hello, I think that now Bitcoin changes the worldview for this year 2017.

I think Bitcoin can be a very good idea for buying freedom on land and also on asgardia.

If we have to create cryptomony, for me it will be called asgardiacoin.

Sep 7, 18 / Lib 26, 02 13:25 UTC

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