I wonder if there has been much thought put into branding the entire concept of Asgardia as a nation? Some things that must be kept in mind going forward are the following:

1. Unique Selling Point - Differentiation (There must be clear explanations for how and why Asgardia is different from Mars One, Elon Musk's Mars efforts, etc.)

2. Social Proof and Legitimacy - (Recognition, Reputation, and Respect). The higher status individuals that can be highlighted as Asgardian citizens, the better ... along with permission for use of quotes in all media.)

3. Consistency - The same branding and marketing messages MUST go out regardless of the media channel employed.

(I'm the owner of a premium digital marketing agency, and I know that to move forward and to create the desired image, Asgardia must be seen as something more than a club for science and/or science fiction geeks. It must also be seen as a concept with a real chance of success in the near future. Small, quick wins MUST be publicized swiftly.)