Mar 1, 18 / Ari 04, 02 17:05 UTC

Case study : publish a video game for Asgardians.  


My name is Christophe, I'm a game developer since many years and Asgardian since the very beginning. And what I want is to sell games to Asgadians and pay taxes to Asgardia. This discussion is about video games, but it's probably relevant to any other service or virtual product and for many small businesses.

What do I need to reach this goal?
- a simple and clear relationship with Asgardia financial autorities. Where can I register my business? Can I create a new one, an Asgardian business? What amount of tax I'm going to pay?
- a currency (it's a work in progress with Solar and Lunar)
- a selling platform. An existing one, like Steam for video games, wich accepts Solar and/or Lunar for payments? An Asgardian platform dedicated to Asgadian business?

Well, I have more questions than answers, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Tell me what you think.

Mar 30, 18 / Tau 05, 02 12:24 UTC

Yes,Christophe, you are not the only one. I am just wondering why the forums have been quiet. Probably wait until the Ministries picked up and the Government or excecutive to be formed, see  what their plan and policies would be like , and everybody could swarm them with difficult questions

Jul 25, 18 / Vir 10, 02 01:34 UTC

I can imagine an online Asgardian RPG game that has a deep space exploration element like 'no mans sky' and a combat structure inspired by 'the matrix the path of neo' and lastly a storyline similar to 'gta grand theft auto 5'

Jun 15, 19 / Can 26, 03 20:07 UTC

A Game featuring Asgardia would be IMHO a great idea.

Some type of Adventure in the style of a Monkey Island (at least for a first game). As for distributing the Game, IIRC, on Steam a lot of Indi Publishers put their games there.