Dec 21, 16 02:16 UTC

Develope asgardians market. At earth develope market foods and agricole.  

Wish asgardians develope markets food and agricole. Agricole is tendency earth develope. Wins , meat, grains, rices, is important product agricole at earth. develope health foods is nice! must important look we nations foods needs and foods health. This nations future needs. develope americans and europes agricole. recommande space health foods to mass.

Dec 31, 16 02:00 UTC

Good day,

Yes, I was checking a book about urban agricultur... Very interesting. I have land in the Dominican Republic that can be used for agricultur. What do you have in mind? Are you an agricultur?

Have a nice day.

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Feb 11, 17 08:07 UTC

As Asgardia will be based on science and technology and will focus on welfare, the health will be given a priority as the asgardians should be fit and healthy. The healthy food is one of the most important requirements for the good health. Research will be done on the food sources to be more nutritious and healthy. Asgardian recipes will be introduced to be healthy and palatable by the various tastes of people.

For example, recent research has proved that the rice contains dangerous level of poisonous arsenic which causes cancer unless being soaked it in water for a time before cooking it. Asgardia has to produce a rice free of arsenic, not necessarily in spatial farms, but in earthly farms dedicated to Asgardia nation.

Feb 20, 17 01:04 UTC

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Nov 4, 01 / Nov 8, 17 10:00 UTC

Мне очень интересна тема выращивания чистых овощей и фруктов. Как можно выращивая что-либо на своей земле быть полезной Асгарду?

Translation using Google Translate - I am very interested in the topic of growing pure vegetables and fruits. How can you grow anything on your land to be useful to Asgard?

Zahira, 8-Nov-2017, 11:55 GMT

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Nov 4, 01 / Nov 8, 17 17:14 UTC

I'm hopeful a project will be developed soon where imperishables and even training can go to the 3rd world countries - it may require parliament to enable though