Dec 25, 16 / Cap 24, 00 10:34 UTC

Founding a company within Asgardia. PEGASUS  

This is for leadership. Would it be possible to start the process of founding a company under the mantel of Asgardia at this time or do I need to wait until the nation is more established in all areas. Just want to know my options since I am in the process of starting a company in the USA and would like to use Asgardia to allow it to spread globally as it grows. Since it seems we will be renting land from 100's of nations until we have the tech, capital, capacity, and reasoures to move our populations to orbiting gravitational discs in low earth orbit. Sorry I will not disclose openly information about the company I am creating. I just want my questions answered and a line to the founder to discuss further details. If at all possible knowing busy the founding father is.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 02:35 UTC

To register a company with Asgardia, it would not be unwise to wait until it's officially recognised as a nation.

It would at a bare minimum require solid formation of policies regarding such - and AFAIK, there's not any solid policies about anything right now - that's what we're supposed to be doing with these forums, amongst other things.

If you've been paying attention to the information given to you during signup, and presented in the use of this site, you would know of a direct communication line to Igor - However you must take into account that this is likely flooded with another 600,000 people's comments and questions. As to how busy they are likely to be, there's all the previous plus whatever they are actually supposed to be doing on a day»day basis. I would not expect a response any time soon. I've still not got one from the other month.

Really, any further details should be discussed in here. You have the highest chance of response. If you would not trust the public accessible nature, then be mindful of such and become intentionally vague around relevant specific details. It's more than likely others can help refine your ideas, input things you've possibly not thought about and highlight any facets which are potential causes of failure. Within our number there is a good range of experience in relevant topics - and I can say this in confidence without even knowing what the topic is. Hopefully the insanity of unilateral access will prove itself before it manifests as an issue and a secure area will be provided.

Ultimately, you can start your company if you're itching - and register head offices as in Asgardia at a later date.

Feb 11, 17 / Pis 14, 01 08:41 UTC

I am also looking to establish my own company. In fact, I was looking to create my company in my home country. However, I have big ambitions for my company which are realized in an advanced country rather than my country where many resources and possibilities are lacked. Asgardia is based on technology, science and research so that it is the best place to establish my company.

I will establish my country in my home country first and get a registration license for it from Asgardia then I will register it in my home country as a foreign company. I will give the priority for jobs to asgardians. However, very few people from my country have become asgardians. Therefore, I will need to employ non-asgardian people from my country based on education, expertise and profeciency. As my company will be an asgardian entity, it will give a motivate to expert and proffessional people from my country to work in it as they will get the asgardian citizenship later. I agree with EyeR that any asgardian should establish its own company from now not wait until Asgardia is recognized by UN. At least, asgardians will save a time.

In this context, I appeal Asgardia to do the following: 1- Enable registering companies which are established by asgardians and give their companies asgardian license registration numbers. 2- Enact laws and regulations for employing non-asgardian workers in asgardian companies (owned by asgardians) and prescribe conditions and procedures of getting asgardian citizenship for those non-asgardian employees in asgardian companies.

Feb 11, 17 / Pis 14, 01 18:30 UTC

It needs more than recognition as an actual company, the act of "registration" requires there to be something to register it to. That can't happen without other things happening... There's likely to be some wait involved with this one.

Asgardian license/registration numbers, laws or regulations are likely to be of any particular use for operating in another country. The local laws, regulations and registration policies still apply. Ratifying into law things specifically focusing on "non-asgardian workers" should only be done with the aims to eliminate possible discrimination in order to retain cohesion with the founding ethics.

Things like temporary work and travel visa are something to consider much further down the line, when we actually have borders. To be honest, it's more than possible that concepts like "employment" will be quite antiquated by the time we have borders.

Feb 11, 17 / Pis 14, 01 23:28 UTC


take on account that currently there is not any legal frame in which you can found a company within Asgardia. A company is a legal entity with rights and responsibilities; however, at this moment, we do not even possess the concept of "rights" as Asgardia does not have a Constitution.

As EyeR has mentioned, it is not possible to register a company if there is nothing to register it to.

I suggest you be patient and wait until an official Constitution and laws are formally created.

Kind regards.

Feb 23, 17 / Pis 26, 01 13:11 UTC

there should be a small few to register a company with asgardia call it a tax.

Feb 25, 17 / Ari 00, 01 15:21 UTC

By "few" I assume you'd mean "fee" - and it's not expected commonplace to take a "registration fee" that minimally covers the process of registration?

What I fail to see is an advantage to the "company" in being "registered Asgardian".

Mar 12, 17 / Ari 15, 01 01:54 UTC

@DarcovaZarconus i am interested in the idea however as it would be the income of territory I think it is more feasible to buy it, nothing ensures that the host country would not take hostile acts, please contact me for messenger i will like help in anything what need

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Go to @2040pegasus on Facebook to see it not sure if we can post images