The price. Sending satellites into Space is expensive. Why? Because it takes a lot of work-hours and skilled workers. Asgardia already has a lot of people and many have a high-level training. What is the cost of the raw materials needed for satellites? I would guess that it is just a few thousands of Euro/Dollars. The commitment. I feel that if all Asgardians believe in the purpose of this endeavor and makes his/her own purpose, we only need cooperation and the energy can be channeled to the end goal and not to complicated business and marketing schemes for sourcing the capital needed to order the final product. A side-story. Ten years ago I started a business in LED lighting to raise the capital needed for designing and testing a real flying car like we see in the SF movies. Ten years later I struggle with the marketing and finances of the LED business and have no time, energy or money to design the flying car. Change the "Status-quo". All Asgardians coming together for the end-goal of being a space nation can make it happen. As a bonus, during this process a better way for people to live and work could emerge. By making most of the parts in-house, Elan Musk got the costs to build and fly a Space Rocket to a fraction of what NASA paid. If we go further and take this process all the way to the ore for the metal parts, the food for the workers, Space would be much closer to the reach of humans. We could forget about money completely. Passion, hard-work and a large-enough team can take it all the way and even further. What do you think? Is it just me who thinks we can do more than marketing?