Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 19:31 UTC

How to make Asgardia attractive for the Investor  

Let's get real: to be able to bulid a civilization in space we need money. Even if we are not going to space "anytime soon" we, as a nation, need money. Now, I'm sure the Asgardian asministration has many things figured out, but I thought discussing different ways Asgardia can make money would be worthy for public discussion.

We can make money simply by selling goods. (like the Asgardia t-shirts you can find now, I think) We can mine asteroids or sell solar energy, like many of you have suggested. We can transmit quality content from our satellites. Something people would want to consume instead of the usual TV garbage. etc.

This thread is meant to be a brainstorming room, where eveything is valid, and the more viable proyects, little by little, will be turned into proposals and finally into actual money flowing into Asgardia's coffers, and it's citizens'.

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 20:05 UTC

well i think they will open a store to sell T-Shirts(i have already see one but dont know if that as the original) and our initial fund comes from AIRC and ROOM so for the time being we dont need money, but theres a need to being a economy , we will first do our Constitution after we will launch our satelite and we will try to be recognized as a nation by the UN.after that we can do our economy

Mar 12, 17 / Ari 15, 01 01:47 UTC

We always arrive at the same without territory can not fulfill the fourth requirement of the UN, without territory there is no parliament, there is no economy, there is no space agency to mine asteroids, there is no way to exchange products and services and so on,The only thing we would have would be the satellite igor has not explained that specific function would have for asgardia, besides being another space garbage :(

Mar 12, 17 / Ari 15, 01 16:22 UTC

When did the UN start requiring territory?

How does this work out for all the nations they currently recognise, with no valid territory?

The declarative theory still ultimately hinges on recognition from other states, which is all the constitutive theory acutally calls for, and represents our strongest possiblity to succeed. Especially if we don't generate further conflict by acquiring territory that is possible to be constested as being integral parts of other territories.

May 7, 17 / Gem 15, 01 08:30 UTC

Ideas are great.

But none of you, so far, are talking about concrete things.

You have an idea for a business that's going to help fund Asgardia?


Now you need to flesh it out.

1. You need a professionally prepared business plan.

2. You need financials, which have been validated from a respected, well-known accounting firm.

3. You need to show how you are going to save money.

4. Your leadership team must be qualified, and should have the best background and track record possible.

5. Have a strategic plan that shows how your company is going to grow and make a profit.

6. Make plans to hire professional sales people and discuss this in the plan. (Your leadership team should not ALSO be your primary sales team.)

7. Make sure your legal counsel is top-notch and discuss this in your plan as well.

If you are serious about this, then don't wait to make your company under the Asgardian auspices.

Go out and form your company, raise the capital needed, and then use your profits to help fund Asgardia, get in touch with the Asgardian leadership and negotiate some type of partnership.

In other words, "Do" and don't just "Talk."

May 21, 17 / Can 01, 01 14:32 UTC

To start selling T-Shirt, to end up building a floating Nation. To make things step by step. I like it! 

But to make asgardia attractive we need at first pubblicity. Why don't we make a video contest? Short videos (30sec-1min) where we made people intrest in what Asgardia is, the best will be shared on social networks by offical pages and by us Asgardians. It may seem dumb but this is the only contribution i can give in this topic...

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 23:52 UTC

I do not agree. Asgardia is a comunity and as a comunity we can make much more than separatly due to sinergy. Let's say - there are 200 000 registered asgardians. If each of us donate 1 USD it will be 200 000 USD. What can i buy with 1 USD? a cup of cofe? The truth is that the instuments of production are getting more and more technologic and costy. I can not buy an assembly line, but as a comunity we can do it.
So let just formulate the question in other words - what can we produce that we use in every day life that will be cost effective and tecnologic and that we can economically deliver to comunity members. For example we all use socks. Say among the comunity there are 100 000 males that consume half of millon of pairs of socks. The most cost effective to produce it will be in China or India. The line to produce socks in such amount will cost 50 000 USD(not sure i just suppose). So we do not need investors - every one just donate 25 cents and we have a sock factory. if we donate 35 cents we will hire the most qualified Marketing specialist who will prepare the bisness plan and then a director who will not only organise this but also will find the ways to sell these socks to others. We can even make a OJSC and grant 51% of shares to the state and 49% evenly distribute among the comunity members who invested that cents so that they will recive the profit form this company. And gues what socks will they buy and recomment to buy if they recieve profit from the company? So please do not forget that unity is power.