Jul 14, 17 / Leo 27, 01 18:50 UTC

Idea for funding of Asgardia and possible helping hands to build Asgardia  

I Figure if we all want to be part of this new nation what's $5 a person? 192,851 citizens(at the time i originally did the math)*$5.00/per person=$964,255/month*12 months=$11,571,060/year*5 years=$57,855,300!

Another thought that occurred to me that would create a great opportunity would be to reach out to Elon Musk and NASA while we're at it! Space-X's  re-usable rockets would be a great asset when the time comes and with NASA's engineers and scientist it would give us a great process on what metals we could use to build the giant space station that would be our new nation! and if the Asgardia works the right deal an investment from NASA and elon musk would help them reach mars and begin colonization by their goal of 2030 because its cheaper on fuel to launch from space than earths atmosphere and it would give make great housing for scientists in space to conduct tests needed on astronauts to cure alot of the medical concerns they have for long stays in space on the human body. And in turn NASA and Elon Musk's investments into Asgardia would help fund and speed up the time frame for building the new nation allowing us to reach our goal of being the first nation in space alot sooner 

Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 08:34 UTC

That is not a bad idea i would support it maybe Mr Igor can make being a citizen tax and we can fund asgardia and make it happen as fast as we can.

Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 12:01 UTC

Sorry to say but it seems you'll have to review your calculations: at the time I'm writing (18 july 2017 13:00 UTC) there are 88.587 citizens only, as for Decree n. 3 and Constitutional draft: "citizens" (L3) are only "the ones who accepted the Document of Unity and the Constitution", not all the "certified users" (L2) nor the "signed up users" (L1).
So, following your math: 5$ * 88.587 citizens = 442.935$/month * 12 months = 5.315.220$/year.
But why "12 months" if Asgardia's calendar have 13? So: 442.935$/month * 13 months = 5.758.155$/year * 5 years = 28.790.775$, a little less than you was expecting.
You're also assuming all asgardians will pay in USD, but asgardians are from all the world and they're to use their local currencies.
BTW: good luck to make all citizens to pay. IMHO you'll have to recalculate the grandtotal dividing by 10, at least. ;-)
(worth noting that, as per Constitutional draft's art. 9, par. 5, "citizens shall pay voluntarily established taxes and levies")

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 17:26 UTC

ok elwe.thor you have valid point was just throwing an idea out there.and komontor thats basically what the idea was but was trying not to call it that out of fear of backlash. But think about it all other countries have their citizens pay taxes towards their federal government and medical etc. If we're to be true citizens of this new nation why would we be exempt from doing the same? But same time we need to wait for asgardia to set up their banking system and currency so that we can start putting any money at all towards asgardia. 

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