Hi everybody and those formally establishing Asgaurdia,

Since Asgardia technically is not an official country yet, and there is not a physical location, maybe something to think about is a digital marketplace where people can buy and exchange both physical and digital goods. I have a friend who at one time used the online platform Second Life in this way--- in a way Second Life is almost like a digital country with its own economy online. All goods and services could be taxed with an Asgardian sales tax thus jump starting the economy and start up businesses. 

If 100,000 people were active on the Asgardian marketplace and bought on average $20 (USD) worth of services or goods in a 30 day cycle that's $2M of goods and services sold. If Asgardia had a 5% sales tax that's $100k a month in taxable revenue for the country, in a year: $1.2M (again USD). I think 100,000 active users on a digital marketplace spending only $20 a month is actually a pretty conservative estimate if implemented correctly. 

I was thinking about this because I am currently starting my own business, it is a mix of an online comic book publishing platform and a video game studio. (You know how books that sell well get turned into movies, this would be comic books that turn into games but all done in house instead of separate companies.) My business that is in the process of forming is called ArcLamp Intellectual Properties and I was pondering how I could make my business apart of this country that is being established since there is no place to do so. I am understanding there is not a physical space (yet) but perhaps there wouldn't need to be. 

If someone, or if Asgaurdia itself, could arrange a sort of online marketplace I would be interested in doing something special like an exclusivity deal for the first week of a launch of my video game titles. The video game industry is big on exclusivity deals since gamers are famously known for wanting a title day one rather than waiting day two. Having an exclusivity deal ensures that the specific retail location or game platform receives the bulk of the sales. If I had a $60 launch title video game and 250,000 people bought the game, at a 5% sales tax Asgaurdia would make $750,000 USD. That would be a wonderful boost to establishing this country's economy!

You can contact me if you would like to work something out or even to just bounce some ideas.

Have a nice day,
Kendra K. Coffey
ArcLamp Intellectual Properties LLC