Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 12:28 UTC

sample of products (alpha)  

well since i cant do much for asgardia (for now) i picked one of the flags and have make a sample of tshirt that we could sell:

give your throughs about it

Edit: 1frame - front 2frame - back 3frame - sides

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Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 13:20 UTC

I think they look great! i'd buy one! :)

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 13:33 UTC

thks for the feedback :)

well i am wanting only the flag contest end ( if is already not ended) to pick our flag to make some real examples

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 22:12 UTC

I like the example (even though it's not the final flag design.) My favorite thing you did was the logo on the sleeve. I really like it when shirts have stuff on the sleeves, it is just a nice touch I think.

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 22:35 UTC

well thks for the comment Grand Moff Lanier well i have done some repairs and i have done a sample of the idcard (well it is my imagination working sorry haha) , sincer the flag contest its nod ended i have redone the shirt with something that i made from scracth (ps : well theres some flags with the "A" similar but I did not copy, I swear.)

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Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 23:25 UTC

Good day asgardian friends,

Here is how I see it,

Try to go into a Yve Saint Laurent or Ralph Laurent kind of style and not a GAP, AeroPostal Style.

I'm a Designer too, I don't like critiques but in the end I have to shape my ideas in ways that work for the public. After a while, you get used to it and you know what to do at such a level critiques become less usual and you are more intune with your audience.

T shirts great but Polo Shirts better, we are people that want to make clear to the would we are different, let's do it with style.

Try to use White, it's clean or Navy blue... Make the logo just the round thingy in bright yellow. Draw lines in the arms, one arm o the shoulders, like ranks from the AirForce you can also put stars. It shouldn't look printed but stiched or sewed.

On the back use big Negative color letters to write "Moderator, Asgardian, Engeneer, stuff like that just make polls to see what people would like".

Finally under the logo, that should be on the left part of the chest in small stiched letters you can try for "Asgardia or the initial of the name and the last name or the forum name once again polls are great for that".

If you do that make an official proposal and I think you might get a deal my friend.

Let me know if you need help, t shirts look good for a electronic music festival maybe not so much for an official Asgardian convention.

Keep up the good work,

Have a nice day.

Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 16:33 UTC

well man its a example haha i have done its in 10 minutes or less, since the project need to be aproved (mark and etc) i have not done to detailed, but anyway I wrote down your tips if its approved, i will redo it, thanks for the tips

Jan 7, 17 / Aqu 07, 01 09:04 UTC

We can sale Rice,spices and other items.