Current Market cap is 120b $ (actually real market cap much lower than that due to lost btc and so on); that could be 1000 people with 120m$ hidden. Anyone who has approximately that amount of btc would be very able to buy the market would it temporarily drop significantly below 5000$ per btc, due to the very limited (and shrinking) actual supply of bitcoin and availability in the exchanges.

I think what we witnessed in last december will happen again and at a greater extent. Don't ask me when, but that's a given.

Bitcoin has been chosen.

Why? Possibly positioning.

Price won't give a fuck on whether it can be used everyday to buy stuff. Its purpose it for wealthy billionaires to keep part of their wealth inaccessible through offline wallets.

Whether tx take 1 hours to go and cost 10 bucks each.

Whether the nodes get a little bit more or a little bit less centralized.

All that matters is the one reason I stated above.

Everything else is just smoke for sardines.