Tau 20, 03 / Apr 14, 19 20:45 UTC

Re:Chamber asgardien business and industry of north Asia and east regional  

(Jacuqes, sorry, but I find your posts here a little hard to read. :(( )

Are you proposing some kind of a trade guild/union which will lobby interests of industry in Asia through Parliament and ministries?

If so, could you please summarize on what is a current situation with asgardian business and legislation in general? 

So that one can have a informational basis to invent steps needed to improve this business situation?

Gem 05, 03 / Apr 27, 19 09:05 UTC

First I am Citizen of asgardia next this post is for business of asgardia than I am Operation business chamber is legal for asgardia ! Because this places Business of asgardia ! I want our citizens action business at our chamber this my best kinds of heart wish ! So this legal for asgardia and can operation at asgardia . Thanks maybe can real understand and respect asgardia the space nation . Real nation so ok ! Thanks maybe can"t than I think you join asgardia is wrong ! Special has complex thinks about for my chamber ! I am hard develope asgardia business ! Best wish ! Thanks you ! This open base for globae ! But not all for Kinds of heart special East And west camps ! I support Our west camps ! This my legal ideas . Not attack your means ! Thanks You for your understand ! EU and asgardia . THanks 

Gem 05, 03 / Apr 27, 19 09:10 UTC

Welcome EU and U.S. And asgardia peoPles action business at our chamber ! We will helpful our people's develope business at north Asia and east region ! Thanks merci ! 

Gem 05, 03 / Apr 27, 19 09:15 UTC

We chamber welcome Partner Develope business together ! We call partner join our chamber ! Come on asgardien ! 

Gem 19, 03 / May 11, 19 21:10 UTC

We chamber support US trade Traiff China at Asia . We chamber With our asgardien develope business with Singapore and Japan South Korea at Asia 

Gem 21, 03 / May 13, 19 09:04 UTC

We chamber offer Consul business service of asgardia at China and hongkong Japan South Korea can assistance our citizens do business at limite  Wellcome our citizens call helpful to our chamber at topics . Thanks merci 

Gem 26, 03 / May 18, 19 09:52 UTC

Our Chamber protest China corruption big question ! We serious protest China corruption question ! Thanks merci ! 

Gem 26, 03 / May 18, 19 09:54 UTC

Our chamber support Japan with our nation develop business . Thanks merci ! 

Leo 10, 03 / Jun 27, 19 08:08 UTC

we chamber is leagl unit for EU and asgardia  so we have value sol and Euro for EU and asgardia. we call our citizens action business at our chamber and our country  merci  thanks