Aug 3, 18 / Vir 19, 02 10:12 UTC


I am thinking of starting a dome organization as major in Belgium. I will start with a recognized organization for kids and space and ad to that different persons who do something for the good of kids and space. Most of them are on-line connections true social sites. I have drawn a little map and for the moment i can join 7 persons/organizations/businesses to form the first basic setup for such a dome organization. I think that this is a good way to setup local connections to work together whereby they all profit from links to each other and also Asgardia will be mentioned as a member in the dome.

Grtz, Dirk.

Aug 5, 18 / Vir 21, 02 12:23 UTC

hi Dirk,

if you want, you can count on me in this enterprise.

Aug 7, 18 / Vir 23, 02 19:06 UTC

Hi Calder, yes good idea to keep the kids busy in vacations. In fact it should be a class in school by now, information enough about space to teach to the kids.

Oct 5, 18 / Sco 26, 02 11:55 UTC

consider with domes that space is boring, and at times even on another world the kaos theory may be sed to stop thinkig aboth what is beyond the dome and can be using for breaks needed in ,well lets face it an area that is the larger of most areas avaliable.

the dome is normal in every way, but the kaos theroy is appied tothe inside of the dome in lengths of materils to give a kaotic play whic imprints on us to stop us form thinking about the outside. 

on my page i

have a drawing i done 

it is my version of what wouldhapening on amoonbase and how it evoleves, the dome in metion whic has lines all over it using the kaos theory is there,

Oct 19, 18 / Oph 12, 02 08:32 UTC

<a href=""> wikipedia</a>