Aug 27, 18 / Lib 15, 02 12:29 UTC

Welcome to KayoCredits  

Kayo Credits runs on the vyper platform, where you can get tokens for performing various tasks.

A decentralized platform for gamers and users who make money based on their skills.

We perform assignments in social networks, earn points. Periodically, new jobs appear, stay tuned.

  Points will be exchanged for KAY tokens after the end of ICO. This system helps the user to easily make any sports betting, and asset trading in the game. And also to monetize your skills, giving the developer a platform to advertise their games to sponsor gamers and advertise their products for a wide audience.

Sep 27, 18 / Sco 18, 02 14:00 UTC

Okay... I want to know more

Oct 19, 18 / Oph 12, 02 08:34 UTC

Hi. I also want to know more. I need some extra money. I'm not good at writing lab reports so I always have to order them at service that can quickly write your lab report and I must say that this is really expensive(