Nov 23, 17 / Sag 19, 01 21:24 UTC

Age requirement confliction  

Greetings. If anyone can answer this; the self nomination page says over 18 to run for parliament, and the constitution says over 40. Which is it?

Dec 6, 17 / Cap 04, 01 04:17 UTC

Right. Article 33 3. states; Members of Parliament shall be elected for a term of five years from among Asgardian citizens who have reached the age of 40. Does this mean the constitution is wrong?

Dec 6, 17 / Cap 04, 01 07:45 UTC

I personally believe that the age of 18 is what we need now and after this election, we’re talking about a project in desperate need for young people and fresh ideas, otherwise we would be like just any other place on earth, frozen with old ideas.

Dec 6, 17 / Cap 04, 01 19:43 UTC

I understand what you're saying but there can be few citizens of Asgardia who are under 25 who may wish it is a perfect time to go for such an election. Surely the option should remain open to those 18+ just on the preference that they can if they feel they want to. 

Dec 6, 17 / Cap 04, 01 20:07 UTC

The constitution has many issues, the age of parliamentarians is just one of them.

Yea, the age has been reduced to 18 for this first election .

I would prefer if the min age be 23-25.

Here is a link to my Commentary on the Asgardian Constitution
I am working on a complete Constitutional rewrite. 

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Dec 10, 17 / Cap 08, 01 20:39 UTC

Thank you to everyone who commented on this. I appreciate the feedback. I will now make a new thread about voter fraud possibilities....

Dec 14, 17 / Cap 12, 01 00:37 UTC

OK, so I changed my stance on min age. I think it should be 18.

Here is my post about it:

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Dec 16, 17 / Cap 14, 01 06:50 UTC

Hi, I recently applied knowingly that I did not meet the age requirement. I honestly do not expect to win but in regards to this first election it is not advisable to make this age law valid. more than anything because there are sectors that have very few candidates like Chinese or French where there are very few candidates and many are young people

Jan 15, 18 / Aqu 15, 02 07:00 UTC

I agree with having it at 18. There shouldn't be age discrimination. Many 20 somethings are smarter and more ambitious than 40 somethings. We should not use the number of revolutions around the sun to dictate who and who cannot participate in parliament.

Jan 16, 18 / Aqu 16, 02 02:31 UTC

Yes surely 12 year old should be able to run as well. This sun revolution thing is getting outta hand. J/k

Jan 16, 18 / Aqu 16, 02 12:12 UTC

I agree with you about that one Jonathan.

 The best will be an I.Q. and a personality test. No matter how old you are, be smart and have a good character to get to the office.

 Maybe ask for an I.Q. 120+ will prevent the candidate from presenting a utopian platform more than age. Just by looking at the amount of platform unrealistic presented on the current elections and you will see the problem. When someone said he would bring peace to the world that gives two possibilities this candidate is an idiot with obviously less than 60 of I.Q. or he lies to get the seat of parliament in this case he may fail the personality test.

Jan 25, 18 / Aqu 25, 02 04:34 UTC

And those requirements should exist here on earth as well... =P

Jan 30, 18 / Pis 02, 02 12:50 UTC

Although I personally agree that the minimum age requirement should be reduced significantly (if not removed completely), the constitution currently says the minimum age for standing as a member of Parliament is 40. My understanding is that all our laws must be compatible with the constitution; legally we can only accept candidates over 40 until we change the constitution 

Playing devil's advocate, if we allow people under 40 to become a member of Parliament, a citizen could then challenge their position as unconstitutional and therefore invalid. That would result in any laws passed by that parliament being invalid and unenforceable, making a mockery of the whole system. 

We either need to limit the current elections to over 40s or get the Constitution changed before the next parliament is formed.