Being a diplomat is not so easy! You are not just an ambassador or foreign minister. You should contact people. Your people and the other nation's people. If a diplomat wants to be successful he/she has to go to the people, political seminars, events and academic atmosphere.
If you do a fast research you can see most of the successful diplomats (Ambassador, Foreign Minister, etc.) are in contact with the society. There is something in political science called political behaviour and public policy.

Political behavior involves the study of how people participate in political processes and respond to political activity. The field emphasizes the study of voting behavior, which can be affected by social pressures; the effects of individual psychology, such as emotional attachments to parties or leaders; and the rational selfinterests of voters. The effects of gender, ethnicity, religion, income, and the media are also factors in analyzing political behavior. The results of these studies are applied during the planning of campaigns and elections, and influence the design of advertisements and political-party platforms.

The subdiscipline of public policy involves the study of specific policy problems and governmental responses to them. Political scientists involved in the study of public policy attempt to devise solutions for problems of public concern. They study issues such as health care, pollution, crime, welfare, and the economy. Public policy is about problem solving, designing and implementing strategies, and evaluating outcomes. Additionally, this field is concerned with the process of policymaking and the many actors and agencies that are involved in it.

A good diplomat can use these two elements of political science to change the opinion of other nation's government and people about his/her nation/country. An example is M.J. Zarif (The Iranian Foreign Minister). Since about 10 years as he was an ambassador in UN Newyork he has started to give lectures about Iranian peaceful nuclear program in Universities, Political Events, between experts and even congressmen and women. The result is clear. After years of work he has just done one of the biggest political deals in our century.

So this is what I am learning and researching about. To be a good Diplomat!
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