Hi there again how is it going? well As you remember I nominated myself to get a position in the asgardia leadership elections, and well I want to share  with you why I nominated myself into this.

First of all I think I can listen people, and understand their situation, people around me have told me that, so it's a good signal I think.

Being leader for me is a big responsibility and it has to be considered carefully,  I think any who wants to be a leader needs to understand some points.  imagine this.

When you become a leader you have to make decisions, thinking about the best of everybody, listening theirs needs, understanding internal factors, external factors, understanding that you have to see all the scenarios and make the best decision according what people around tell you in combination with your own experience, debating with them the main points, listening to them, and telling them the best options.

all this always considering the main goal, the common good and the good of asgardian citizens, 

So considering this as any company, organization or in this case a nation, we need to define clearly our resources, strategies and plans. I think with big data now we are going be able to see statistics of Asgardian citizens, the average of our knowledge, experience, resources,etc.using this technology will help us to reach goals faster.

For example if we need to create a good education environment in asgardia, we need to define how many active citizens who know this field are here, and support them, we have also historical information in libraries all around the world about education topic so collecting all this information, and analyzing all together we can make the best choice.

other thing to consider is set strategic addresses to reach goals, using the information that we are going to be collecting from these resources.

I consider quite important that each asgardian should enroll in any asgardia course that could be set in the future, this will allow us to have well-prepared citizens to face the challenges in the future, 

Also I think that each asgardian should have this full freedom to select what area he/she wants to develop their abilities, exploring these skills first in the pre courses designed to potentialize the natural  asgardian's skills.

So we are going to have the first freedom education where any asgardian can choose what field develop with asgardia resources, selecting open projects of justifying the one the asgardian wants to develop.

thank you for youR time I hope you can vote for me, and this is my campaign