Nov 7, 17 / Sag 03, 01 22:19 UTC

Campaigning Thread, District #1 - English  

I am running for a seat in Parliament in this District.  I have create a campaign page on Facebook, so as not to drive the Moderators crazy reading everything. (Of course, the Mods are welcome to read my Facebook page too!)

The link is:     And the username to get my attention, is:  Asagard1213  

Nov 8, 17 / Sag 04, 01 03:43 UTC

I hope this is for all of us running and I'm not overstepping here,  if so sorry - as many of you know I too am running though my aim is to represent the common man (/woman/it) Feeling inadequate I have also created a website, which can digest collective input for me, found at 

But I think far more important than parliament is the ability to trust our votes, with that primary goal in mind I have created a petition I urge you all sign, for if we cannot trust the voting system, is there any point to any of this? You can review and sign it at your support is greatly appreciated.

Also I have written a great deal in my blogs, I'm sure you will find both plenty of ideas to contemplate and discuss and ammo for my opposition - which I encourage. you can find my profile at and I encourage you to friend me and discuss your concerns and idea for our great nation, I will do my best to respond to every last one of them.

Nov 8, 17 / Sag 04, 01 03:52 UTC

oh and to the rest of you running I especially request you friend me on facebook where Ross and Bandon and I already communicate frequently - messages come quicker - at least for now ;)

You can find me with a search for ceneezer and I think at (My real *chosen* name is ceneezer)

Nov 14, 17 / Sag 10, 01 04:12 UTC

I am strongly considering running for MP in this District. My platform for the last few years has been for equality and unity in all humanity. I feel like as an Asgardian MP I could help truly achieve this goal in a much larger way I am, currently. Asgardia is going to be a beacon for humanity and our next stage as a space civilization so why should it not be a beacon for Earthwide unity, too?

You can check out my profile here: for more info on what I would like to achieve for Asgardia and, indeed, all of humanity.

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Nov 16, 17 / Sag 12, 01 14:58 UTC

A quick hello and my interest in running... I think I am best summed up by this quote by the late JFK... 

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."

I would appreciate your vote in these elections. Thank You.