Data Visualised // The movement of historical people<br/>

The understanding of data is now vital is the success of any earth business. So why should it be any different to Asgardia.
By visualising data, we can get a better understanding of what is happening in the world around us. We can choose to use open data to make Asgardia into a well organised, fair and transparent nation. 

I want to put data in the forefront of Asgardia. Through the strategic use of open data, we can make informed decisions on growing and maintaining Asgardia as a nation. Why get left in the dark, when we can shine a light to guide the way. CLICK HERE for my Candidate Profile

This video is a great example to turning raw data into useful information.

If you agree with the open and transparent use of data to help Asgardia make informed decisions, then please vote for me in the elections for Strategist
CLICK HERE for my Candidate Profile