Jun 24, 17 / Leo 07, 01 05:47 UTC

Global Policy - Candidates Dialog on Strategy of Asgardia Parliment  

The purpose of Asgardia is to obtain recognition from other established nations and the United Nations in the exercise of rights and freedoms restricted in certain territories and environments (space) toward the independent activity of a new body politic (public will).

Having said that, Asgardia cannot proceed based on emotional appeals to the public and vehement hostility toward business, commerce, and industry involved in the operation of government and trade on the terrestrial side of the human population and its social and political arena.  To operate effectively, from a position of non-recognition to one of mutual confidence and benefit, a leader familiar with terrestrial government, law, business, regulation, and technology is essential to our interaction with the United States and its military and strategic partners in the global and celestial territories.  I therefore see no option but to offer my services to that purpose, as the present state of affairs with Asgardia is exceedingly dangerous and vulnerable to failure and permanent consequences in response to our activities and deliverable services today.

I am a corporate officer, Chief Executive Officer from 2009-2017, with business ownership experience and mass communications administration and design experience over nationwide campaigns hosting over 3000 customer service agents for Toshiba America and other companies in the United States - then in the position of Telecommunications Administrator for Sykes Enterprises (SYKE), and later other optical data carrier companies valued at over $7 billion USD.  My contacts extend to NASA and United Nations posts responsible for air and space policy in the Oklahoma community (Oklahoma Spaceport project, Oklahoma Space Foundation), and in activity spanning 16 years of local political activity in organization of a community for the election of the United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, and Office of the President of the United States.  As such, I have reviewed statutory law, common law, Constitutional law, and court process for five counties and two Federal district courts, in support of human rights and protection of individual dignity under the United States Justice System and State Justice Departments.

As a regulatory agent familiar with abuse of tax code and civil courts, I am also familiar with safeguards and legislative language essential to protect the dignity and integrity of members of Asgardia from unfair, unjust, and excessive taxation and overly cumbersome legal requirements prohibiting trade and personal enterprise, harming small business, and putting larger (publicly traded) firms in positions of advantage over smaller innovators and inventors through excessive court and trademark activity, patents, et al.  I would appreciate ensuring these protections are created in Asgardia as a model for other nations to reform their services to the benefit of all people and their innovation.

It is my belief major work needs to be done in the legislative and executive roles of Asgardia to meet and succeed at any mission beyond launching a data storage device, or consider approaching the timeline proposed by leadership already.  My familiarity with securities law, regulation, and construction of offers to ensure compliance and successful trade have resulted in the establishment of two major world virtual and digital securities exchanges in Europe recognized by the United States as in-compliance, and I would like to bring those skills to work toward the benefit of the people of Asgardia in cooperation with existing commerce and trade groups in the United States.

As a professional web developer, Senior Software Engineer for web applications for SPRINT provided by Nortel Networks, I feel we can and must provide a working website application layer before we can win confidence of any major audience to our capacity to manage sovereignty and aerospace operations.  This includes both the election process, information security of our members, and administrative standards of public free speech which are not universal in all parts of the world as they are known in the United States.  

As an online content publisher (in business, registered) for 25 years in registered business and Internet development, from the State of Oklahoma - whose Constitution protects these rights explicitly as inalienable rights (Article II-1, II-3, II-22) and guarantees justice (II-6) with equality before the court, I ask you to allow me to draft your laws and appeal for equality and freedom of expression in Asgardia today.

James Arnold Allen

Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 05:30 UTC

Your experience is a welcomed asset in Asgardia. Thanks, James.