Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 21:52 UTC

Hello and vote me pls  

Hello dear ascardians ı am new in this nation and ı vant to be your voice vote for me vote for peace and freedom

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Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 09:56 UTC

Love in mind. Creation. Civilization. Step in evolution. Who better will manage than not Homogalacticus?. I am step more in human evolution. VOTE ME! Debutant, only 10 votes.

Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 13:35 UTC

Do you feel is it correct, to break through others' campaign asking a vote for yourself?
(that apart, your is a mere cross-posting, which is explicitly against the CoC)

Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 20:19 UTC

I am good candidate. That's all.