Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 15:58 UTC


Love in mind. Creation. Civilization. Step in evolution. Who better will manage than not Homogalacticus?. I am step more in human evolution. VOTE ME! Debutant, only 10 votes.

Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 18:12 UTC

You seem to already be living in outer space. I mean, I know I can't stick to walls sideways.

Unless you are secretly Spiderman!


Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 19:13 UTC

@Phicksur, I have to ask you to reformulate your reply in a way that does not include personal attacks, as written in the CoC https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Xriip9aCFTenaqs4HqiX9IdXJZUtAcEKcIkq1iYemLiHg6WhgCmhUpfSRsGC46-PIGfe9wL-lk1ksXY/view

Thanks for understanding

Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 03:56 UTC

Apologies to Hefastos but we can't private message on these boards so I have to respond here.

Stephen, explain the part that's a personal attack. I have re-read what I wrote four times and cannot see it. It is a commentary on his picture, which seems to have him standing on a wall.

Seriously, is administration LOOKING for things to get upset about now?


Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 07:32 UTC

I'm not spiderman but I am indigo human  and i did step in evolution. Next Human after Homosapiens is Homogalacticus. He feel  that   home is not only earth but all cosmos and he understand  this.lFor now I don't have skills walk on the walls. Maybe in future.

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Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 09:02 UTC

Dirk my picture talk that we must change our look on live. We must be awareness our intelligence and value. And after with this awareness walk on the way. With this equipment all way finally guide to God. Awareness human value is right way.

Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 09:45 UTC

I changed my picture. Sorry. Where else I can put my candidate post?

Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 11:51 UTC

I am pretty sure this is the right place for campaigning.
I will miss the Spiderman posturing on the wall. That was very memorable.


Jul 5, 17 / Leo 18, 01 20:06 UTC

Phicksur if my English is enough correctly for understand? You are maybe admin?

Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 12:40 UTC

I am not an admin. Your words are fine, but your sentence and grammar make your point difficult to establish.

Perhaps if you post it in your native language, then an English attempt or translation below it, those persons who are familiar with both languages can assist in the grammatical structure.


Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 15:13 UTC

@phicksur - I understand that grammar and such may be a pet-peeve of yours. However, we ask that you stay on topic as is mentioned in the Code of Conduct. We are here to have conversations that are productive. To find solutions and share ideas. Thank you for your understanding.

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Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 16:40 UTC

He (@Phicksur) also tried to help moderators, telling an asgardian what it should better to do (helping him too), even if it seems moderators prefers to beat @Phicksur than to help @Hefaistos, looking at the two interventions they only did.
(personal opinion while reading the thread: maybe they used PM to help @Hefaistos... ah... no... we've no PM here) *facepalm*

Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 20:41 UTC

Phicksur all right. I understand everything. Maybe you want ask me about my candidacy? Or somebody want?

Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 21:00 UTC

Maybe somebody want ask me about my electoral topic? This is very interesting.

Jul 6, 17 / Leo 19, 01 21:10 UTC

I think you don't have concept what is HOMOGALACTICUS. Try ask about it.  Continues evolution this is normal.