Hello, fellow Asgardians! I am Vedang N Agrawal, 23 years old and currently a resident of India. I am a recently graduated Chemical Engineer and I am currently part of a company which is working to make the future more carbon efficient and sustainable. 

I see a future, where we, the People of Asgardia, fly together, setting an example for every institution by highlighting the greatest strengths of our people: A strong belief in the solidarity of Science, Compassion, Empathy, and Equality.

I see a future, where we inspire the world, and someday more, simply by example, to always strive for improvement and betterment.

In making this proposal, I would like to put forward my core beliefs and my vision for a bright, prosperous and united Asgardia and make a promise to the people of Asgardia that I will work urgently and diligently to make that vision a reality.

My Vision

Science has always been misunderstood. Science is keeping the child in us alive, it is the will to question what we do not understand and pursue it relentlessly, never stopping till we have found the answer to our question. This is what I wish for Asgardia, a nation where we always strive to find the answer to the most elusive question in the world today – how do we build a fair and just society?

My vision for Asgardia is simple, I wish to be part of a nation which focuses on the most important aspect of scientific development – improvement, innovation, and progress.

For a nation which is just beginning in this age of technological wonder and advancement, a society where the Government can keep the citizens well-informed every step of the way, taking their inputs and improving accordingly, is very much attainable.

What I can do to Serve

I will make sure that transparency, and responsible information sharing be the primary focus of the Government, as most of today’s problems arise from the lack of these.

What we need today is a government that follows the people rather than the other way around. I will also constantly push for a strong unified scientific basis for every action that the government takes. This is to make sure that any decision that the government makes, is first of all in line with what the people want, and will also ensure that no decision is taken rashly or without considering all the variables. History teaches us, that consensus or majority should not be the only criteria for passing a decision. 

Although my personal experience in life is limited by my age, I have always believed in the ability to absorb the years of experience and knowledge of science, literature and history can provide. This is the reason I believe that I can serve the people of Asgardia relentlessly.

What You Can Do

I firmly believe that any process can be perfected if we apply enough brainpower and never give up on learning more and more. Therefore, I would request each and everyone of you to help me build the nation we all dream of. If you wish to support me and my vision, please visit my profile, where you can add me as a friend, contact me with your views and ideas, know more about me and find out how to vote for me.

Thank you for your time!