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Innovation through Design | As Strategist, your ideas for the future shall be heard!  

Greetings fellow Asgardians,


As Strategist for Innovation, I will give everyone (regardless of who you are) opportunities to present and share your ideas for our Space Nation to help design a more unified, beautiful and innovative future for humanity in space! 

I also believe that through innovation we can allow Asgardia to be recognized, not just as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) or a micronation, but by the United Nations and the countries of Earth as a true Space Nation built on Science, Innovation and Unity unlike anything the world has ever seen. 

I currently have the backing of 3 fellow Asgardians who believe in my cause to bring innovation & Design to our Space Nation. In this journey, your support is greatly appreciated.

If your beliefs resonate with my dreams to design and build an innovative future for our Space Nation and humanity, please support my campaign to become Strategist for Innovation:

My Candidate Profile --->  Asgardia - Strategist for Innovation   <---CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Thank You for your time. I look forward to working with all of you to design and build our Space Nation and humanity's future in space.

Yours faithfully,

Steven 'Edrick' Wang,
Strategist Candidate for Innovation from Australia.

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Sep 9, 17 / Sco 00, 01 13:36 UTC

Good luck with your campaign, Edrick!

Sep 11, 17 / Sco 02, 01 04:26 UTC

Many Thanks Ross! The best of luck for your campaign as well.