Aug 11, 17 / Vir 27, 01 12:56 UTC

Looking for support for my bid to join goverment :)  

Greetings Asgardians :)

My name is Robert Montgomery From Canada and I am hoping to join government to help bring our hopes and dreams to a reality. I served in Afghanistan is 2009 as artillery in the Canadian Armed forces and since dedicated myself to personal study. I want to work hard for every man and woman, every goal, and every dream. I wish to help our new country to fully embrace the potential of our scientific curiosity. Protect our Laws and Constitution and Represent our government in only the highest manner here in Canada and abroad. 

I do, however, need help as well. I hope to form staff, here in Canada, and hope there are some amazing Asgardian's  that may have the skills and ideas we will need to be the most effective citizens we can be for our new family. We need resources, dedicated and motivated support, suggestions on what we should stand for and fight for. Ideas for fundraising and events. Anything anyone is willing to offer :)

If you think you can help me or have and questions, suggestions, or resource, please contact me at :)

WE are Asgardian's :)

P.S. i could not find a better spot to toss this to the world so if there is an appropriate place to debate and try to drum up support please let me know :S 


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Aug 11, 17 / Vir 27, 01 13:14 UTC

hi Detoxis! I've taken the liberty to move your post to campaign thread due to the nature of it. In addiction, may I suggest to remove your contact and replace it with a link to your candidacy for the position of your choice ? It's for the safety of your privacy

hope this helps!

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