In just the passed couple of weeks . The US government has finalized The creation of it's newest Armed Service Branch since the mid 1940s. The US Space Corps ,an off shoot of the Air Force. With this the first of a number of such services to be formed by the technically advanced country's of Earth. We of Asgardia Must take our safety and defense seriously or our new Nation won't last longer then the first missile sent our way with out a defensive force of our own. as much as I'd like to see Asgardia remain demilitarized ,this will not happen.

Asgardia is unique in that we are a door way into space not only for our own citizens   ,but also for corporations and  nations without the means to launch their own rockets or train their own astronauts.

With the USAs creation of this planets first Space Force. Many of the technically advanced nations of the earth well follow suit. By saying that's it's for it's own protection from space threats such as asteroids'. Some will use the excuse that it to fight terrorism or to protect themselves from attacks from other nations. but lastly Aliens will be the reason for such foully.

In realty it's about control  of the earth and its people.

Yes we will need a security force as stated in my last Blog. not just for protection of Asgardia .

But more importantly our freedom.

Our Freedom To Exist, Our Freedom to Evolve and Spread out to the Stars. Not to be held back by  jealousy because the individual country's of earth couldn't work for any thing coming close to what we have achieved .

Not as one country, but as many peoples of many countries to create a new Nation This is why I'm campaigning for Security Strategist. So I'm asking for your vote