Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 00:29 UTC

Running for Office ,ether Debutant or Strategist in Moraine Ohio  

Hello Fellow Asgardians My name is Ricky Sickles. And I'm  asking for  your vote for Debutant Strategist These are Level A and B Regional I  live in Moraine Ohio so if your in the US and especially In Ohio you can  vote for me. I'v spent most of my  life in protection of the US. And  now I would like to do the same for my  new nation. I have experience in  Defense,Public Relations,Field  Medic(both Air-force and Army), Project  management,and Contract  Negotiations in Iraq OIF 03-04 . These are  skills that will be valuable in dealing  with our neighbors here on  Earth .One has to know how the people your  dealing with think and what  motivates them in order to get the results  that are best for Asgardia I want to see Asgardia succeed not just for us new citizens but also for  our Descendants and their future well being  So I humbly ask for your vote

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Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 05:38 UTC

I wish you a great campaign Ricky. If I could vote in your region I would.